Odunconcept is opening to world with Pawwood
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Odunconcept is opening to world with Pawwood

Odunconcept, one of the favorite brands of the Kurucan Group, is preparing to meet with the world. The leader of pet furniture in Turkey, OdunConcept, as a response of the huge demand, firstly in Europe and America market, aiming to touch any pet lover on the earth.

Faruk Kurucan, the chairman of Kurucan Holding, who sees the understanding of accumulation as an integral whole with brand awareness, said, “We think globally and act locally while growing our brands. When the time comes, we add new values to Turkey via opening to the world. Infrastructure works were already ongoing, and we started Pawwood in order to respond to existing demands ”.

With simplified interface and local language options that customized according to regions Pawwood, seems will provide easy and enjoyable a shopping experience. With its rational and fast shipping solutions, it aims to get full points from animal lovers by saving cost and time.

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