Odunconcept, one of the favorite brands of the Kurucan Group, is preparing to meet with the world. The leader of pet furniture in Turkey, OdunConcept, as a response of the huge demand, firstly in Europe and America market, aiming to touch any pet lover on the earth.

Odunlook have a start off in 2020 to produce stylish products for homes and offices.The occurrence method is to create its own space instead of competing with pet furniture that has grown vertically through in e-commerce. It continuesto give services with 2000 m2 production area, its own design and production teams and more than 400 different models for produce decorative furnitures to homes and offices.

We set out with the vision of using natural wood and harmless materials in the field of babies and children. We designed our products according to children's ergonomic structure.Mammago stands out in e-commerce retailing in baby and kids furniture.

It will always continue to work for the better with its understanding of quality design and immediate response.

The investment made with a new understanding of service in e-commerce retailing and now it has proven itself with the Odunconcept brand. It has become a high-traffic market where quality products were offered at affordable prices.

"Problem-free shopping" is the primary promise that Odunconcept gives to its customers. It continuous to provide quality service and sustained "Better than exists, Anytime” motto.